Research Services

Given that companies have specific requirements and that our lists may not fit the bill for every situation, we offer Research Services as a bespoke service. We have supplied large datasets to clients as one-off projects. There may be the following situations:

  • there is a relevant list on our website but not the right data points
  • there is a relevant list on our website, but not the right countries
  • there are no relevant lists on our website and you’d like a list of companies
  • you have a requirement for other company or market research requirements

We have over 20 years of experience in company research, dataset building and website data extraction.

Case Study: A client visited our website for a list of 1,000 architects. After discussing the requirement with the client, it became a customised research project. Between us, we identified sources of architect data, via web directories, industry associations and other trade websites and clarified which data was important. The end result? We delivered a datasheet of 30,000 architect companies, spanning several countries in Europe.

Case Study: A UK client visited our website, interested in data related to bitumen. We supplied two lists from our catalogue and then had a further discussion with the client. Once we had narrowed the requirement, we explained that there would be other sources across Europe where we could obtain the data. After a few days of research, we had identified trade associations and other trade bodies that had directory listings, including email addresses, of relevant bitumen companies across Europe. The end result was a very focused Excel data sheet of almost 3,000 bitumen suppliers across Europe.

If you are interested in our Research Services, please use the form below.