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Our company database covers more than 200 industry sectors, more than 100 countries and over 200m companies.

200m+ Companies

PLCs, Limited Companies and LLCs

200+ Industries

You can request multiple industries

100+ Countries

You can request cities or state data

Get Your Own Custom List

You can now request company counts. All you need to do is complete the form below, listing which industry you would like lists from. You can choose existing industry lists or simply just write which industry you want to collect company data for and we can attempt to match it. You can request company counts based on country, industry, cities, or revenue range (e.g. below $500m, for example).

So for example, you could request a count of Auto Dealerships in Texas, for example. Or Aluminum Manufacturers in Germany.

Please complete the form below, providing as much detail as possible about your company list request. We will respond with the number of companies on the list, the estimated cost and a sample output so you can judge the data before purchasing. 

Custom List Request Form