About Us

Top 1000 Company Lists does one thing, and one thing very well. We provide our clients with Excel files of the largest 1000 companies ranked by revenue for a range of industry sectors in a range of countries. We have sold lists to corporate finance practitioners, software companies, food equipment suppliers, technology companies, accountancy firms, digital printing companies, construction software suppliers and publishing companies, to name just a few examples.

In all cases, our clients need to know who these companies are in order to be able to supplement their existing lists. They need to understand which companies to target as customers either in their own domestic markets, or in adjacent countries and markets.

Often, our clients purchase one list and then return to purchase 3 or 4 more lists in more countries. For us, this shows the quality of our lists. To date, we have not had one client request a refund or question the data.

For any of our lists, we welcome requests for example names of companies on that list, so you can judge it for your yourself. If we have the right companies on the list, you’ll be more confident of receiving good data.

Files are delivered via email within hours of order. We look forward to helping you understand who the leading companies are – ranked by revenue – in your industry of interest.

Our clients return to purchase more lists

Typically a new visitor to our website will purchase one list. Then a few days later, that same client returns to purchase another 2-3 lists.

Our average revenue per client is between $300-$400, demonstrating that our clients are happy with their initial purchase and then return for either a list in a different country – or an industry-adjacent list.

We highly recommend to new visitors to purchase a single list to ascertain whether it meets your needs. If it does, you are welcome to return and purchase more!

top 1000 company lists

Value for Money

Simple pricing. Discounts for multiple list purchases.

Request First

Before you buy, request some examples of company names from a list.

Customer Satisfaction

Many of our clients purchase one list; and then return to purchase more.